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The Best of Star Trek: The Original Series
DVD Release Date: May 12, Paramount Home Entertainment
Gear up for Star Trek, J.J. Abrams’s fast-paced, summer blockbuster film, by brushing up on the life and times of Captain Kirk. This best-of collection provides a perfect primer for life on the Starship Enterprise—and also showcases a classic TV series that was often ahead of its time. If the original series isn’t your favorite flavor of Star Trek, Paramount’s also putting out a best-of collection for The Next Generation.




TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: American Musicals
DVD Release Date: May 5, Warner Home Video
Take yourself back to simpler times, when people weren’t afraid to burst out into song and do a little tap dancing in the street. TCM has managed to put together a particularly strong set of musicals, absent the filler that usually accompanies these DVD sets, which includes some of our favorites: Singin’ in the Rain, Easter Parade, The Band Wagon, and Meet Me in St. Louis. See if you can watch them and walk away without whistling a tune.




True Blood: The Complete First Season
DVD Release Date: May 19, HBO Home Video
Make no mistake: Vampires are hot right now. In the case of True Blood, “hot” means both “trendy” and “sexy,” with a steamy vampire/human romance that garnered big buzz for the HBO series. But Six Feet Under’s Alan Ball, the show’s creator, makes sure to put in some thought-provoking moments so that it’s not all just undead melodrama. Though, after seeing the chemistry between stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, a little vampire soapiness isn’t such a bad thing.

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