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DVD Release Date: November 18, Walt Disney Video
It’s the future, humans have left planet Earth, and poor Wall-E is left behind to clean up our mess. Yet with just a few blips, a pair of clamps, and a wonderful set of expressive eyes, the plucky robot is able to turn his Earth rescue mission into a heart-tugging and surprisingly exciting adventure. Featurettes on this three-disc DVD analyze every bit and bolt that goes into making Wall-E, from the sounds he emits to his ’bot buddies, but we’re most excited for the accompanying animated short, titled “Burn-E.”

Encounters at the End of the World

DVD Release Date: November 18, Image Entertainment
Speaking of saving planet Earth, Werner Herzog’s documentary about Antarctica doesn’t set out to protect the environment as much as explore everything that can go wrong with it, from volcanic eruptions to the emergence of strange, undersea monsters. Up against this gorgeous and frightening frontier, Herzog profiles some scientific researchers—and, yes, one crazy penguin—to find out what attracts people to the end of the world.

A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All

DVD Release Date: November 25, Comedy Central
Christmas has come early this year—and it’s brought a dose of truthiness with it. The cable blowhard will be visited not by the spirits of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, but a series of musical guests, including Feist, Elvis Costello, and John Legend. There’s even room for a duet with his Daily Show buddy Jon Stewart. Buy it, or you’ll be “on notice.”


// ML

Thanksgiving Movies

As family time, the holidays offer that perfect opportunity to show off your new plasma screen or home theater. To ensure the quality of the movie matches the quality of your system, you should stock up on some outstanding holiday- themed DVDs in advance. Here are three more unexpected titles you may not already have on your roster.

1. Pieces Of April (2003) – Family rebel April (Katie Holmes) is intent on making a full Thanksgiving meal for her visiting family in the cramped Manhattan studio she calls home. On the big day, various obstacles crop up, but April remains determined to pull off the culinary feat, in this charming sleeper about family ties that bind. Patricia Clarkson shines as April’s cancer-stricken Mom.

2. Babette’s Feast (1987, Danish, with English subtitles) – A French woman named Babette (Stephane Audran) moves to Denmark to care for two pious, elderly sisters. When she wins a lottery, Babette selflessly decides to prepare a magnificent feast for her employers and their congregation. It turns out the magic of this meal goes well beyond the food. Don’t miss the old general’s toast that caps this film—a profound stunner!

3. Mostly Martha (2001, German, with English subtitles) – Exacting chef Martha thrives in her well-ordered kitchen, but flounders outside it. When her young niece comes to live with her, Martha feels ill equipped to reach out emotionally. But a free-spirited Italian sous-chef named Mario arrives just in time to thaw some of Martha’s inhibitions, both in and out of the kitchen. A mouthwatering romantic comedy, with heart and humanity—qualities appropriate for any holiday.

// John Farr

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