Home Depreciation Values Shrink Slower than the Rest of the Country

Additionally, home vacancies in single-family homes are nearly half of the national average.

We’re Less Screwed Than Everyone Else
Remember when real estate was supposed to be a fail-safe investment? Still, we made a smart move by buying in Westchester—our houses are depreciating a teeny bit less than those in the rest of the country. Our average home appreciation is -2.38 percent, while the average home appreciation in the United States is -2.96 percent. Our nest egg is half a percent safer.
Another indicator of the way we can hold it together in bad times? Our vacancy rate. For single-family homes, it’s a mere 7.1 percent. The national average? 13.1. (Or, with rental properties, an even smaller 4.9 percent for us, versus 8.2 nationally.) We worked hard to get here, and we’re going to stay here, darn it!