Holocaust Survivors Living in Westchester County

As the number of Holocaust survivors in the county decreases, those who remain find sharing their stories all the more important.

Though the Holocaust officially ended more than six decades ago, for those who lived through it, it never really ended. Sure, life has moved on, with some survivors moving across the Atlantic, finding jobs, and raising families. But there are always memories, emotions, and scars, both physical and otherwise. And, as those who remember the Holocaust age and their numbers dwindle, there’s a greater need to tell anyone who’ll listen about those memories, emotions, and, yes, scars.

Sadness and Pain Has Never Left Me                                                            

I Really Wanted to Live                                                           

I Feel Guilty All the Time

All I Wanted Was to Live An Ordinary Life                                         

It was Gratifying to Give Back


I Cried for My Father


Janice Llanes Fabry is a freelance writer who lives in Rye with her husband and three children. She is a contributing writer for The Rye Record.