Happy New Year! (Or Not)

This month, we asked about your hopes, fears, thoughts, and plans for 2011.

What kind of New Year’s resolution did you make for 2011?
Lose weight (12%)
Quit smoking (12%)
Save money/Get out of debt (10%)
Spend more time with family (6%)
Stop eating fast food (4%) None (17%)

The thing I’m looking forward to the most in 2011 is…
Finding a job (12%)
A promotion (8%)
Finding a significant other (6%)
Moving (6%)
Republican leadership in the House (4%)
Purchasing a new car (4%)
Other (60%)

The results of the midterm elections have left me feeling…
cynical—it’s just business as usual in Washington (44%)
Depressed— ‘Yes, we can’ has turned into ‘No, we can’t’ (31%)
More hopeful for the future (25%)

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As soon as I get my 2011 tax refund, I’m….
What refund? I’ll be lucky if I don’t owe. (53%)
Paying off what I spent for Christmas (29%)
Going on a vacation (10%)
Creating that ‘emergency’ nest egg Suze Orman keeps screeching about (8%)

The biggest issue facing Westchester in 2011 is:
jobs (41%)
Affordable housing (19%)
Quality of roads and lack of intra-county public transit (17%)
The cutbacks on critical social services to balance the budget (15%)
Sharing the same space with deer, coyote, and bedbugs (8%)

The best trend in Westchester today, compared to 10 years ago, is that it’s become…
more ‘green’ and eco-conscious .(29%)
More ethnically diverse (27%)
More gay-friendly (23%)
More liberal/Democratic (21%)
The worst trend in Westchester today, compared to 10 years ago, is that it’s become…
more expensive (46%)
More crowded and congested (27%)
More elderly (15%)
More liberal/Democratic (12%)

The first decade of the new century has been…
Ten years have already passed? (46%)
Fabulous (29%)
A nightmare (19%)
Can I have time to think about this? (6%)

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