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With gas now over four dollars a gallon (and climbing), airlines cancelling on you like a blind date, and the value of our dollar approaching that of Confederate currency, the prospect of taking an extended road trip, flying cross-country, or even venturing to the other side of the pond may seem cost prohibitive.

Fret not. Luckily, you live in Westchester—a nexus of parkways, highways, and thruways that can deliver your tired, overworked, stressed-out self to a myriad of luxe destinations, all within a half-day’s journey—or less (we promise). While we can’t do anything about the cost of regular unleaded, we tried our best to keep the drives down to a half-tank, at most (even less for you Hybrid folk).

Armed with our reporters’ notebooks and a bit of wanderlust (read: an overwhelming desire to escape the confines of our Elmsford offices for parts unknown but scenic), we fanned out in all directions across the region to deliver first-hand reports on more than two dozen of the area’s best weekend getaways. In our travels, there’s one thing we learned: there is truly someplace for everybody. Whether your idea of quality downtime consists of napping, snacking, antiquing, sightseeing, hiking, boating, golfing, all or none of the above, from the Hamptons to the Berkshires, there is no shortage of ways to pamper your body, mind, and spirit.

If you enjoy reading about these destinations even half as much as we enjoyed visiting them, then we’ve done our “job.” Better still, hopefully you’ll take our lead, pack an overnight bag, top off the cat’s food and water, bring the dog (yes, there is even a pet-friendly destination), and go experience some of these escapes for yourself.

But before you hop in your car, do check out our special 52-page Health and Fitness supplement. Loaded with the latest info on what to eat, when to sleep, how to exercise (when you haven’t got lots of time), and whether your cholesterol count really matters, our special section will help keep you feeling your best so you can enjoy your well-deserved weekend escape—’cause, goodness knows, it’s tough to have a good time when you’re feeling lousy.

Esther Davidowitz


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