Giving Thanks

This month, we polled county residents about that uniquely American holiday, Thanksgiving.

What do you usually do for Thanksgiving?
Cook and host at my place (47%)
Freeload at a relative’s/friend’s place (29%)
Dine out (20%)
I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving—what’s there to be thankful for? (4%)

Thanksgiving morning, I’m usually…
Peeling potatoes, stuffing the turkey, etc 39%
Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV 25%
Schlepping to my in-laws’ 24%
Nursing a hangover from going out drinking the night before 12%
What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?

Turkey 33%
Dessert 29%
Mashed potatoes and gravy 14%
Sharing a meal with relatives 8%
Pumpkin pie 8%
Yams 6%
Cranberry sauce 2%

And your least favorite Thanksgiving food?
Green beans 31%
Seasoned vegetables 29%
Pecan pie 16%
Cornbread 10%
Cranberry sauce 8%
Artichokes 6%

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Usually I prefer…
White meat 51%
Dark meat 37%
Neither—I serve/eat tofu turkey 12%

I prefer stuffing that is…
Homemade—nothing beats Mom’s! 78%
Out of a box—nothing beats StoveTop! 22%
Have you ever secretly pawned off store-bought/catered/prepared food as your own home-cooking at Thanksgiving?
Yes 57%
No 43%
If yes, did anyone notice?
Yes 32%
No 68%

How old do you have to be to graduate from the kids’ table to the adults’ table?
10 37%
16 18%
18 10%
It’s not about age—it’s about which guests are on the “B” list 35%
At my Thanksgiving, there is always one person who…
shows up late and holds up the works 43%
Starts a fight and causes needless drama 27%
Eats enough to feed a third-world country 18%
Has the table manners of a Neanderthal 12%
Thanksgiving evening, I’m usually…
Taking a nap 41%
Going through the circulars to check out the Black Friday sales the next day 25%
Picking at leftovers 16%
Still nursing my hangover from the night before 6%
All of the above 12%

What becomes of your leftovers?
Turkey sandwiches and platters 41%
Turkey soup 20%
We divvy them up in doggie bags for the guests 27%
Screw the guests—the doggie gets ’em 12%

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