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Farmers’ Market Finds


The Croton Farmers’ Market, which is located near the train station, is a small but very energetic market in northern Westchester. With plenty to choose from, we were initially attracted to a smaller stand near the back with a collection of gooey spreads. Archaea Organics produce nut butters such as cashew, almond, and hazelnut. The real standout for them is the Nutty line of chocolate hazelnut spreads in three flavors: milk chocolate, dairy free, and dairy-free crunch (vegan).

Being a chocolate fiend, I was immediately attracted to these spreads, trying them on pretzels, crackers or just on bread (Wave Hill Breads were in attendance as well making for a perfect pairing). They are rich and delicious with a creamy finish. What makes this different from more traveled spreads such as Nutella? Owner Joseph Briggs explained that Nutty is completely organic and made with fair-trade ingredients. Instead of sugar and various oils, Nutty uses fair-trade palm fruit and nuts. Lots and lots of nuts. In fact, 42 percent of each jar is made from organic, deep roasted hazelnuts.

For Briggs, the entire premise for Nutty is a love for the organic process. Made in Chatham using almost an entirely solar power setup, Nutty Spreads were created with some homegrown hard work. Briggs and his wife began grinding chocolate and nuts a few years back and the company was born in 2014. In just a few years, Archaea Organic’s Nutty Spreads are available in dozens of stores and at 11 farmers’ markets in the tri-state area.

If you’re looking for a locally made, delicious product that packs tons of healthy ingredients into a small jar, Nutty Spreads by Archaea Organic is a great farmers’ market discovery.

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