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Executive Editor Amy R. Partridge On Our Q2 ‘15 Wunderkinds Issue


In the spirit of full disclosure—and with apologies to the many intriguing stories we’ve run in the pages of this magazine over the last five years—I have to admit that our annual Wunderkinds feature is always my favorite 914INC. article. 

Though working on it leaves me feeling over-aged and under-accomplished, the youthful energy and exuberance of the professionals we profile each year more than makes up for that. I’m consistently blown away by their depth of talent, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial moxie, and contagious passion for building a career in Westchester. (You’ll also be blown away by their stellar images—I swear, we didn’t know they were all so damn good-looking when we selected them!) 

This year’s crop of Wunderkinds—including a serial entrepreneur who sold his first venture last year for millions, the youngest elected official in New York State, a nuclear engineer, a genetics expert, a digital marketing specialist, and the founder of a travel-focused nonprofit—makes me more than confident that we have no shortage of future business leaders.

Another reason I’m upbeat about the future of Westchester’s business culture is the current tech boom. The prowess of our growing biotech cluster has been well documented, and was first reported in these pages some four years ago. A lot has happened since, and our Technology Editor Steve Ditlea revisited the ever-expanding halls of our top biotech firms to gauge their growth and get a feel for the industry’s next move. We also take a look at Westchester’s B2B tech players, both large and small, who are on the cutting-edge of modern solutions like cloud computing, big data, and mobile payments.

I hope, in the midst of all the exciting content, that readers also notice the design changes debuting in this issue. Kudos to our Group Creative Director, Bob Supina, for refreshing our look and injecting new energy and style into our pages.


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