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Environmentally-Friendly Affordable Housing On Track For White Plains


Sakonboon Sansri / Shutterstock

When the 450-unit Brookfield Commons affordable housing complex in White Plains was erected in 1949, it was dubbed Winbrook Campus. The name may have changed since then, but the original buildings remain, and they’re overdue for a refresh.  Phase one of a “long-term neighborhood-wide transformation project” began this month in the form of a groundbreaking on The Prelude, a $42.2 million green-building replacement.

“We are very pleased to see this transformation of the Winbrook community finally getting under way,” said White Plains Mayor Thomas Roach. “We value affordable housing in White Plains and the opportunity to provide affordable housing of this quality is very exciting.”

Rents will range from $1,064 for a one bedroom to $1,469 for a three bedroom. To qualify, a family of four must earn less than $62,220; a family of two must earn less than $49,800.

The Prelude is the first step in a planned overhaul of the entire complex—all buildings will eventually be replaced. They will be mixed-income and mixed-use, featuring both market-rate and affordable units (104 in total), commercial space, and a community center that will house job training and employment services.

The planned affordable housing complex is working with nyserda to meet environmentall friendly standards

New buildings at Brookfield will employ energy efficient appliances and lighting, porous paving, and water conservation systems to achieve Enterprise Green Communities-designation for energy efficiency.

Jonathan Rose, president of Jonathan Rose Companies, LLC,, The Parlor’s builder, said “the White Plains Housing Authority and the City of White Plains have given us a great opportunity to help transform Brookfield Commons into a thriving green mixed income community.” 


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