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Editor's Note: The Pros and Cons of Living in Westchester County versus New York City



photo by Cathy Pinsky

Bet you have at least one friend who lives in the City who has a way of lording that over you. You know, someone who can’t help but tell you how much more exciting life is in Gotham than in your little shtetl in Westchester. My City friend, Dan, once actually posited that the City affords so much more “community” than the suburbs because suburbanites shop at malls and urbanites in neighborhood stores. No doubt you buy your toothpaste at The Westchester and your fat-free yogurt at The Cross County Shopping Center. And no doubt Dan is buddies with everyone at his local Duane Reade. Jeez, Dan.

Okay, we decided enough with this mine-is-better-than-yours rivalry. Why not closely look into it? Not so that we can put the whole matter to rest—that’ll never happen—but so we can at least clarify the arguments and get rid of some of that Big City bias. In other words, why not put our county up against the City and see who wins? Articles Editor Marisa LaScala did just that (turn to page 67).

So, what did Marisa learn during her quasi-scientific research? “I learned that the two are not really as polar opposite as residents of either locale would like to admit,” Marisa answers. “We’re actually both lucky to be so close to each other so we can take advantage of each other’s strengths. But, anecdotally, I know Westchesterites go to the City and take in all there is to do in the City, but a lot of City folk are too scared of getting lost in places without a grid-plan to do the same. So, basically, we get the best of both worlds, and they don’t. Ha!”

However she adds: “I am really bitter that we don’t have a Shake Shack.”

And, oh yes, Marisa also wrote our Fall Arts Preview feature (page 94), her fifth Fall Arts Preview feature for this magazine. Marisa, you see, loves the arts and loves writing about it (check out her weekly blog, Poptional Reading, on westchestermagazine.com). “I am fanatical about the movies,” she says. “Even bad movies sometimes surprise me with one amazing scene or an outstanding side performance.” Marisa says she can credit her mother for exposing her to the arts. “She was always taking me to museums, movies, the ballet, et cetera. Unfortunately, she has not been so successful at imparting her sense of fashion.”

photo by Jamie Wollberg

Team Fashion Shoot: One model (the tallest of the bunch) plus eight

Go to page 79, the first page of our fall fashion feature, and slowly start turning the pages. See all those stunning photos? Know what it took to get those stunning shots? Let’s see: eight people working nine-and-a-half hours in a hot studio with only a grab-a-slice pizza break. (Any wonder models are so thin?) Associate Creative Director Halina Sabath put together a mini-United Nations delegation to work on the feature: photographer Toshi Tasaki is Japanese; model Ola Pola, Polish; and hairstylist Francois Ilnseher, Swiss. And despite the long hours and few calories provided, Halina loves working on fashion shoots. Why? “I love the collaboration. Plus it’s not only about great clothes and gorgeous models but composition, light, set-up, movement, and how it all works together to create something special.” We believe our small U.N. team has indeed created something special. Hope you agree.

Esther Davidowitz


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