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Editor’s Memo


Editor’s Memo


What a (Un-)Tangled Web We’re Weaving




My husband and I were at a dinner party the other night, when, just as coffee was being served, my husband mentioned that he had recently read about a longevity study that showed the United States coming in at 42nd place in the world. Wow! (Many experts blame our dismal showing on obesity.) We were pretty astounded—and wondered, Who was No. 1?


We took turns guessing, but how were we going to find out? When our host’s daughter, a junior in college, popped into the dining room, we mentioned the study to her. It didn’t take her long to find out what we wanted to know. She brought out her laptop, Googled around a bit and, before we could pour cream into our coffee cups, she gave us our answer: Andorra, a tiny country in the Pyrenees Mountains, was
No. 1. Swaziland, we also learned, had the shortest life span (34.1 years).


The point of this little anecdote?


We can get our information nowadays in nanoseconds. All we need is a keyboard, a screen, and a Wi-Fi connection. More than ever, our information comes to us electronically via the Internet. We Google, we post on Internet forums and message boards, we blog. Do you know anyone under the age of 30 who doesn’t use a computer for virtually all of his/her information? 


We at Westchester Magazine are very aware of that. Which is why over the past year we have been working to create a really good, really useful, really fun, really user-friendly Westchester Magazine website—westchestermagazine.com—one that with just the touch of a few keystrokes allows you to find a restaurant by location or cuisine; one that lets you know where you can buy back-to-school clothes for your kids or find the greatest selection of hardware for your new kitchen cabinets; where to go out tonight or what there is to do this weekend. We have started a dining blog, Eater: “the blog for insatiable Westchester diners” (that’s you, no?­­) that lets you know what chef has jumped ship, what eatery is being planned for the near future, what restaurant to try out, and what in your supermarket or farmers’ market is worth buying this week. We have a comprehensive calendar of events, updated almost daily, so there’s no need to ever miss another event again.


But, westchestermagazine.com is a work in progress and we’ve just begun. We plan to bring you more—lots more. (More fashion, more real estate, more pop culture, more news.) And we’d like to hear from you. We intend our website to be the voice of Westchester, the place you come to for everything Westchester. What will help you navigate and enjoy life even more in the county? What would you like to see more of? What would you like us to add?


Please let me know via email to edit@westchestermagazine. Subject line: the web. Thanks. And, yes, please do visit our site, westchestermagazine.com, on a regular basis. Still, know that the best is yet to come.





                                                            Esther Davidowitz


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