Did You Know?

The majority of workers (82%) attend Happy Hour to bond with their co-workers, while another 20% find it to be a great way to network.

â— Fifteen percent attend to hear the latest office gossip, while 13% go only because they feel obligated to be there. One in 10 workers (11%) use Happy Hour as a way to bond with their boss.

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â— Workers aged 25 to 34 were the most likely to attend (29%), while workers aged 55+ were the least likely, at 15%.

â— When asked, workers reported that the following incidents had happened during a work Happy Hour: bad-mouthed a co-worker or member of management (16%); shared a secret about a co-worker (10%); kissed a co-worker (8%); drank too much and acted unprofessionally (8%); shared a secret about the company (5%); and sang karaoke (4%).

â— Close to four in 10 workers (39%) do not attend Happy Hours because they like to keep their work and personal lives separate