Deer Culling Expands in Westchester as Herd Numbers Grow

As a Westchesterite, chances are you’re used to seeing a Bambi or two in your backyard. But in recent years, the deer population of the county has grown so large—by one measure, as many as 60 deer per square mile—that Westchester has begun allowing hunters to cull the herds on its parklands by the way of bowhunting. Some towns within the county are either already allowing bowhunting—which is considered safer than sharpshooting by many—or considering similar moves, since the rampant deer are destroying shrubbery, wildflowers, gardens, and more.

The county’s decision came in August, when 65 bowhunters were invited to participate in a cull that will last through the end of the year, in Muscoot Farm Park and Lasdon Park. However, many disagree with the decision—and method of killing—from an animal rights perspective.

Do you think the deer population needs to be controlled?

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