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Day 21 of Adorable Pets




Tell us what makes your pet adorable:
Comet was the sweetest dog who ever lived! She was a giver! Not a taker. She never “begged” for anything…not food, or love, or attention. But when you gave it to her, she took it all in with a passion! And then returned it to you times two!!! (not the food…just the love and attention, the joy of playing and the joy of being alive!) Our sweet Comet died this year at the age of 15…That itself is extraordinary, because a boxer’s life expectancy is 8-10. But Comet was extraordinary in more than her longevity! We often said she had 9 lives. As a puppy, she almost died from an allergic reaction to a bee sting, she had cancer, then a brain tumor, later in life, she had a stroke…but Comet also had an overpowering “will to love”…She bounced back after every illness because she somehow knew her family wasn’t ready to let her go. Some dogs can sniff out bombs, or cancer… Comet sensed emotions. She knew when to lie at your side, when to leave you alone. She wasn’t clingy. And she wasn’t aloof…She was just in tune with the emotions of her whole family. Whoever was sick, or down…that’s who she sat beside…children, the elderly, men, women, black or white…Comet loved everyone. And everyone loved Comet…even a friend who said so simply…”I don’t love dogs, but I do love Comet!”

Pet’s Age: 15 years old
Pet Breed/Type: Boxer
Owner’s Name: Lynelle
Owner’s Town: Briarcliff, NY




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