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From the publication of his first novel, Williwaw, to his much-talked-about Myra Breckinridge, and through his countless TV scripts, plays, and films, writer Gore Vidal has cemented his reputation as one of the great stylists of contemporary American prose. His success was not without controversy, however: after publishing The City and the Pillar, which features a gay protagonist, the mainstream press went up in arms and the New York Times refused to review his next five novels. (After becoming such a celebrated man of letters, we’d say Vidal turned out all right in the end.) Most recently, he’s published a collection of short stories, Clouds and Eclipses, and his memoir, Point to Point Navigation. To hear about these projects, his upcoming A Bush & Botox World, and the rest of his storied career, visit the Quick Center at the University of Fairfield where Vidal will participate in one of its popular Open Visions Forums (which also hosts MTV Choose or Lose correspondent Gideon Yago this month—talk about diversity).


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