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Humans have been eating yogurt for more than 5,000 years—and, by the looks of the yogurt selection on supermarket shelves, developing just about as many brands. Which to choose? We enlisted Chef Tommy Stratis of Casa Rina (886 Commerce St, Thornwood 914-769-4515) and Goldfish Oyster Bar & Restaurant (6 Rockledge Ave, Ossining 914-762-0051) to take part in a blind taste test to discern the finest plain yogurt. “I’m of Greek heritage,” Stratis says. “My grandmother used to make a hardcore yogurt when I was a kid.”

Greenway Organic Lowfat Yogurt “Has a natural sweetness and is very smooth on the palate. I’d eat this plain.” Dannon All Natural
Lowfat Yogurt
“Right amount of tartness. Thickly textured and nice finish.”
Emmi Swiss Premium Lowfat Yogurt “Very nice—light and airy. I’d love to top it with berries and honey.” Green Valley Organics Lactose Free Natural Lowfat Yogurt
“Very smooth, silky, and delicious.”
Fage Total Authentic Greek Yogurt 2%
“Not too tart; has a mild sweetness. Nice and creamy and smooth.”
America’s Choice All Natural
Lowfat Yogurt
“Good and smooth texture with a low tang factor.”
Stonyfield Organic Lowfat Yogurt “Good consistency, but not much going on flavor-wise; bland.” Liberté Yogurt Méditerranée 2%
“Too tangy; loud in its tartness.”
Trader Joe’s Greek Style Lowfat Yogurt
“Texture of sour cream, and medium tartness; not the best.”
Chobani Greek Yogurt
“Very thick, like a gelato. Robust flavor. Too bold.”



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