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Crain's New York Business Ranks Westchester County as New York State's Slimmest, Fittest County


You look good—did you lose a little weight? Have you been working out? According to Crain’s New York Business, you have. The publication writes that “Westchester County is New York’s slimmest, fittest county for its low rates of obesity, inactivity, and diabetes.” Crain’s came to the conclusion after looking at a federal report put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It found that, when looking at Westchester’s residents, “only” 19.8 percent reported they get little or no exercise, “only” 18.7 percent are obese, and “only” 6.6 percent are diabetics. Looking at those three measures together, we came across as the healthiest county in the state—yes, even besting Manhattan (which has a higher rate of diabetes). Go ahead—treat yourself to an extra dessert tonight. You’ve earned it.