WHAT: Two cemetery plots in Port Chester
WHO: Barbara Morgenlender of Newton, MA
WHY: She no longer has use for these family plots. But, here’s the fine print: you must prove that you are Jewish and will be buried according to religious tenets.
HOW MUCH: $1,000 (including perpetual care) or best offer

WHAT: Obsolete toilet seats in odd shapes (square!)
WHO: Allen Fraitag of Yonkers
WHY: Fraitag, owner of a retail store that sells bathroom items, finds old seats from warehouses across the country that have stock from as far back as the 1970s.
HOW MUCH: $15 to $750 

WHAT: Two pounds of Darjeeling tea
WHO:  Sean Gaffney of Yonkers
WHY: He needs to cut back on his caffeine—doctor’s order.

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WHAT: German-brand Steiff stuffed chipmunk
WHO: Kelly Sisco of New Rochelle
WHY: Sisco is a buyer/seller of new and used collectibles.
HOW MUCH: $60 

WHAT: U.S. military gear: Black Hawk emergency kit, hip assault bag, and even formal uniform (dress blues)
WHO: Philip Raus of Yonkers
WHY: A Hunter College student who needs the extra cash
HOW MUCH: $20 to $150 

WHAT: Vintage Original Barbie Clothing
WHO: Kathy Lener of Yonkers
WHY: The collection belonging to a friend has been carefully preserved for more than 50 years. 
HOW MUCH: $25 per piece on average; more than 80 pieces are available.