Coffee with Townsend Wentz


Morello Bistro
253 Greenwich Ave
Greenwich, CT (203-661-3443)

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Dish I Do Best Bouillabaisse
Wine of Choice Anything from Loire Valley producer Didier Dagueneau
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Food Sweet, fatty pork from Hagi, a basement izakaya (underground Japanese pub) in Manhattan
Favorite Cuisine Japanese
Worst Meal Ever I’m not going to name the restaurant, but it was at a place that went under in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The chef basically ripped off the dishes of Yountville’s finest but didn’t have the chops to pull it off
Pet-Peeve Guests who expect the best in ten minutes or less. Good food takes time
Thoughts on Restaurant Reviews Restaurant reviews are subjective. I take it all with a grain of salt; I’m comfortable knowing I am constantly working to make great food
Favorite Kitchen Utensil A good sauce spoon
Last Book Read Thomas Keller’s Under Pressure