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Coffee with Chef Neil Ferguson


3605 Crompond Rd Yorktown Heights (914) 788-8700

What Culinary School Can’t Teach You… A good work ethic
Dessert Diners Like Most… Anything with chocolate
I Never Eat… McDonalds. I read Fast Food Nation a while back, and something clicked in my head.
My Favorite Cookbook… Great Chefs of France by Anthony Blake and Quentin Crewe—inspiring!
My Favorite Website… starchefs.com. It’s a great way to see what my peers are doing around the country.
Favorite Place to Dine Out… Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Dan Barber and his team are cooking incredible food and giving great service. They achieve the one thing they’re meant to—make you smile.
Food Trend I Hate the Most… The haters who respond on food blogs. Put your energies into something more positive, people!
When Chefs Get Together, They Usually… Eat very well and drink too much!
My Favorite Rock and Roll Band Is… Metallica
Chefs Tend to Use Too Much… Butter
Favorite Culinary Utensil… My trusty Gray Kunz sauce spoon
What Diners Don’t Know But Should… How much food is processed from start to finish before arriving on their plates. The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan should be required reading at school.
The Strangest Request Ever Received from a Diner… Whipped cream and chocolate sauce to go.
Favorite Late-Night Snack… Tom Costello, the executive chef-owner of Thyme, makes a great bacon, onion, and sour cream pizza—delicious!


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