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Charles Aikman, 28


Before he turns 40, Charles Aikman would like to make partner at WTP Advisors, a global tax-advisory and business-services firm. And he is well on his way. The 28-year-old Orange County native, who moved to Westchester in 2010 after completing an accelerated three-year JDA (Taxation)/MBA (Finance) at DePaul University in Chicago, is already working with WTP’s high-profile Fortune 100 and Fortune 10 clients—and boasts a 100-percent client-retention rate. Aikman is also rapidly becoming the White Plains location’s go-to person for meeting with prospective new clients, a role in which he “has successfully delivered value-added service above and beyond expectations,” according to his colleague, Carol Vieira. 

Aikman’s practice centers on tax planning, tax compliance, and the provision and reconciliation of current and deferred taxes. He has traveled extensively to client locations throughout the United States as well as Europe, even living for six months in Amsterdam for one project. Sixty-hour workweeks are common. But Aikman wouldn’t have it any other way. “I believe my commitment to client service has been instrumental to my success to date,” he says. 

Part of that success is delivering results like finding a Fortune 10 client a multi-million-dollar deductible that they’d overlooked, something Aikman achieved last year. “Delivering such a tangible, valuable asset to a client was very rewarding,” he says. In the three years since joining WTP, Aikman’s managed revenue has increased each year, and he now also serves as a liaison for recruiting and interviewing new hires. Partner status can’t be too far off now…

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