Chappaqua Tudor’s Media Room Benefits from Clean Lines

tBlocked hues in the same color family and an inviting seating arrangement make this tthome theater cozy, not cavernous. t

Interior Designer: Cami Weinstein
Cami Weinstein Interior Design
Location: Chappaqua
The renovation of a 1920s Tudor wouldn’t be complete without a media room designed with the entire family of five in mind. “The house is a combination of youth and playfulness with an Old World, casually elegant sensibility,” says designer Cami Weinstein.

Whitlock: The horizontal stripes add a calming effect to this comfortable room.
Lima: This is a true home-theater experience, and it uses color to create an exciting and dramatic environment. The horizontal wall stripes help draw the eye towards the front of the room. I liked the use of a large sectional as opposed to traditional theater seating; I’d much rather lie down to watch a movie then sit upright in a theater chair, so this, to me, was an excellent solution. 
Mintz: A movie with popcorn would be great here. The steps with lights; the exciting, analogous color harmony; and comfortable, easy-maintenance furniture make this a great place to be on Saturday night or any night.