Calling In the Experts

In a highly competitive business environment, it takes focused expertise and an objective eye to provide the guidance and planning necessary for that extra edge—and the right outside consultant can offer both. The expertise a qualified consultant brings to the table can make a significant difference in the direction your business takes. After weeks of researching, reporting, and asking friends and colleagues for recommendations, we present 22 consultants whose professional backgrounds, client approval ratings, diversity of services, awards and recognition, and accessibility make them stand out from the crowd. That said, this list is by no means comprehensive—it’s merely a smattering of the many talented go-to pros throughout Westchester who are available whenever you or your business needs some expert advice.

Small Business Development

Half Moon Consulting
Jack Kennedy
Ossining; (914) 923-5051
Fees: $175-$250/hour
Jack Kennedy launched Half Moon Consulting in 2004 to help clients “look at the people processes in their organization in order to maximize and optimize the utilization and effectiveness of talent to make sure they’re aligned with the business strategy,” explains Kennedy. For example, “I will typically analyze the effectiveness of a company’s recruiting efforts, how they bring in new employees, and how quickly they get them up to speed and contributing to the company’s operations. I will also look at the effectiveness of a company’s internal communications—just how effective are they at communicating to their employees how what they do day-to-day contributes to the success of the business? Are they training their employees effectively? And I also consult on how best to undertake any sort of transition—like an expansion or a downsizing. For example, if you’re going through a downsizing, how do you keep your people focused and engaged and retain their morale? There’s a lot of built-up resentment in companies today from how their employees were treated during the recession. A company needs to be mindful of that—or else the chickens will come home to roost.”
Half Moon works mostly with mid-sized to large companies, including Ampacet in Tarrytown. “Jack’s consulting expertise has benefited Ampacet with cultural improvements at several of our U.S. locations,” reports Stephen Cullum, Ampacet’s human resources manager.

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Strategy Leaders
Andi Gray
Chappaqua; (914) 238-3500

Fees: $400-$3,100 per month
Since 1994, Strategy Leaders has been helping companies get bigger. “Basically, we put them on track to double revenue and triple profits,” says Andi Gray, president and founder, who worked in sales and marketing at American Express and Xerox, among other companies. “They don’t need us to teach them their industry,” says Gray.


Small Business & Franchises

The Entrepreneur’s Source of Westchester
Barry Kleiman
Bedford; (914) 234-8622
Fees: $2,250-$2,750/month with a minimum 3-month commitment
When Barry Kleiman opened the Westchester office of the nationally recognized-franchise Entrepreneur’s Source two years ago, he brought with him an MBA in finance and investments plus 25 years of experience as an equity trader on Wall Street. Today he is a business and self-employment consultant and coach. Kleiman helps entrepreneurs start a small business or franchise.

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Business Leadership

P.M. Brill Consultants
Patricia Brill
Mount Kisco; (914) 241-0926
Fees: Customized based on client needs
For more than 30 years, Patricia Brill has consulted business leaders to help make their leadership more effective. “My greatest reward is to help leaders understand their blind spots and learn how to use their attention to make time for what’s important,” says Brill, who has worked with leaders in Fortune 100 corporations and non-profit national organizations, from the CEO level to new business leaders. Clients include Citigroup/Citibank, Colgate-Palmolive, Exxon, General Dynamics and Time-Life.



RosenStrach Consulting Services
Jerry Rosenstrach
White Plains; (914) 584-3165
Fees: $1,500 daily rate or project rates that vary
In 1969, Jerry Rosenstrach started Merrill Lynch’s marketing research department. In 2000 he launched his own consulting service. “We don’t take an assignment until I spend at least half a day meeting with the principals to understand the company and its culture,” says Rosenstrach. He then, he says, helps the company market itself better. “For example, we created a successful new website for a marketing company called the Target Research Group. The content of the new site was based on research we did into what their existing clients thought of their company. The company has a great track record with their clients—many go back ten or more years with them, which is unheard of in marketing—so we wanted to get a handle on why so we could promote that on their site. Their old site had too many drop-down boxes and wasn’t very user-friendly. So we streamlined the site, rewrote the content to better explain and position the services they provide, and made it easier to contact someone at the company. I just spoke with them last month, and since the website was revamped, they’ve secured three requests for proposals for six-figure projects from new clients through the site, which shows that a lot more is at stake than just being clicked on more frequently.”

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InSight Marketing & Consulting Firm
Rocco Cipriano
Mamaroneck; (914) 777-9700
Fees: Monthly retainers typically from $1,500 – $3,500
InSight Marketing & Consulting specializes in branding, marketing, advertising, PR, and both direct and online marketing. “We work as a strategic planning group,” says Rocco Cipriano, who started InSight in 2001, after 20 years in the fields of advertising, marketing, and graphic design. “Typically, we start by getting to know the business, their goals, key customers, and their position in the marketplace.”
InSight has a staff of six with expertise in web development, and marketing. Cipriano is also author of the book Branding Insights for Small Businesses.

Marketing & New Products

New Directions Consulting Inc.
Jane Goldwasser
White Plains; (914) 347-6672
Fees: $10,000-$200,000 per project
New Directions Consulting, a family-run business, specializes in all stages of new product development, from concept writing to determining a new product’s best features and how to position it in the marketing plan.
They provide insight into what consumers want and expect from new products before companies introduce them to the public. They can, for example, help companies evaluate which aspects of a product customers like best. They then combine qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine which combinations of attributes work best in the product so it can be retooled to maximize its appeal before it’s launched. “They provide great first-hand learning that helps accelerate our speed to market,” says Kathy O’Shaughnessy of Kraft Foods.



Katen Consulting
Laura Katen
Harrison; (914) 468-0892
Fees: Corporate coaching programs range from $400-$800/hour. Half- to full-day workshops from $1,500-$4,800
Laura Katen founded Katen Consulting, a professional development training company, in 2001 and the Enhance Your Chance brand in 2003. “We enhance your chance at success by teaching you seven separate skills that everyone needs to appear professional in the workplace,” Katen says. They include: business etiquette, public speaking, executive presence, networking and others. “We offer full- and half-day training programs, weekly classes, group workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions,” Katan says.


Social Media

Really Social Strategies
Heather Flournoy
Katonah; (914) 315-9686
Fees: Initial half-hour meeting free. New Media and Grassroots Marketing Strategy Sessions, 2 hours. $500. Website and Blog Consultation: from $150 to $250 for 1 hour
“We consult, coach, teach, and implement social media and grassroots marketing,” says Heather Flournoy who runs the two-year-old Really Social Strategies with her partner, Christopher Roberts. Flournoy has a background in grassroots marketing, while Roberts had a career in theater production as well as film promotion.
“Their consulting helped us re-evaluate our whole plan for marketing, advertising, PR, and community connections,” says Jeff Konchalski, owner of Nature’s Temptations in Ridgefield. Other clients include NoKa & NoKa Joe’s in Katonah and the local chapter of Slow Foods.

Ruby Media Group
Kristen Ruby
(914) 417-1003
Fees: N/A
“We help companies adapt their traditional marketing to new media marketing,” says Kristen Ruby, who launched her company after graduating from Boston University’s College of Communications and Public Relations over a year ago. “We help manage their Facebook pages, Twitter pages, LinkedIn strategies, YouTube exposure, blogging, and overall social media strategies,”
The youngest ever recipient of the Westchester Business Council’s Rising Stars Award, Ruby consults with businesses on their specific social media needs. “There are three phases. First is creating a social media strategy, second is training internal staff members, and third is managing the building of a social media platform,” Ruby says. She also assists in social media brand management.
“Social media has been a critical component of our business being up ten percent over the previous year,” reports David Cingari, president and founder of David’s Catering in Stamford, Connecticut. “We hired Ruby Media to ‘socialize’ our company on Facebook and Twitter in 2010, and we have seen a direct increase in new business leads and an increase in traffic to the website. As a result of our work with RMG, we now see that social media is critical for new business development in 2011.” Other clients include Stark Office Suites in Scarsdale and Eclisse Restaurant in White Plains.


John Meyer Consulting
Robert Roth, President
Armonk; (914) 273-5225
Fees: $150-$225 per hour
John Meyer Consulting’s more than 40 professionals handle all aspects of site development, including surveying land, getting the necessary permits, addressing all environmental concerns, and doing post construction inspections to ensure the property meets all building codes. The firm has been in business for more than 30 years and has worked in nearly 40 of the 44 villages, towns or cities that comprise Westchester County. Their work has been noticed. The Westchester Chapter of the NY State Professional Engineering Society has recognized John Meyer Consulting as engineer firm of the year as well as outstanding engineer in private practice in 2000, 2001, and 2006. Also, in the past five years, the New York State Real Estate Journal has awarded project of the month honors to Meyer Consulting for their work on Fordham University in Harrison, the Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers, and Minerva Place Condominium in White Plains. Among the projects they’ve consulted on: Heritage Hills in Somers, the multi-plex cinemas in Greenburgh and Hawthorne, the Summit in Mount Pleasant, the Northern Westchester Y, the Siwanoy Country Club in Eastchester, and the JPMorgan Hangar at Westchester County Airport.



Public Relations

J. Tuller Associates, Inc.
John Tuller
Mount Vernon; (914) 403-9142
Fees: Negotiable
Since 2007, J. Tuller Associates, Inc. has been providing a range of marketing services, including help with public relations and event planning. “My primary focus is to expand my client’s visibility,” says Tuller, who has been in the PR field for 25 years. “My ability to translate corporate visions into meaningful improvement in relationships, image, and culture is my trademark,” says Tuller.
“They put customers first,” declares Ed Beaz, president of Ebola Beats. Miguel Blanco, associate publisher of El Aguila del Hudson Valley, is also a fan. “J. Tuller Associates gives us the information we need to make the most of where we’re going with our business.” So is Robert Perking, former vice president of inclusion and development at Burger King, a former client: “J. Tuller Associates was a valued strategic partner in helping Burger King achieve its vision and goals.” Other clients have included the New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance, Pro-Active, American Legacy Magazine in Mount Vernon, and the Miami based corporate headquarters of Burger King.”

Human Resources

Executive Solutions Consulting Group LLC
Karen Tressa
Rye; (914) 948-9292
Fees, $100-$200/hour consulting and percentage of salary for recruiting, customized to project
Karen Tressa, who founded Executive Solutions in 1999, after holding management positions at Citigroup, American Express, and Mobil, helps companies recruit executives and set up a human resources department and run it effectively. “What I really excel at is identifying and recruiting the right individuals for the right cultures and getting the right fit into the company,” says Tressa, who recently helped Eight O’Clock Coffee set up its HR department and worked with Evolution Markets, in White Plains, to establish HR policies, employee benefits programs, and recruit talent. President and CEO of Evolution Markets Andrew Ertel is sold. “Karen adds impressive human resources value to an organization.” Tressa has just launched Beyond the Tassel LLC, a professional career and job coaching service for recent graduates of college or grad school.

BRAVO Human Resources Services Inc.
Barry R. Manus
(914) 271-1408
Fees: $3,000/year and up
In 1996, Barry Manus, a human resources executive, had the idea of bringing leading HR vendors (i.e., people who handle various outsourced job in HR, like background checks and benefit claims management) and consultants together under one roof to provide top-notch consulting services. The result, BRAVO Human Resources Services Inc., today includes eight leading HR companies and consultants that aid businesses with pre-employment screening, employee benefits, unemployment insurance, cost management, and both temporary staffing and permanent placement.
Marlo Asencio, senior administrator of the HR Department at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, is pleased with the help she received from BRAVO. “They were able to save us time searching for an appropriate vendor, and the quality of the services provided by the background checking vendor has exceeded our expectations.”
Other clients have included the American Civil Liberties Union, Turner Construction, Montefiore Medical Center, New York Blood Center in Elmsford and Mercedes Benz of White Plains.


Linsey Levine
White Plains; (914) 923-9233
Fees: Initial two-hour session is $400; fees customized based on client’s needs
“I help people in career pain, career limbo, and career depression,” declares Linsey Levine, who launched CareerCounsel in 1996 after leaving her own career as a headhunter for attorneys. “As a former headhunter, I understand the whole recruitment process from the other side—what the employer is looking for,” says Levine.


Carl Bloom Associates
Carl Bloom
White Plains; (914) 761-2800
Fees: Initial free first meeting, then project rates based on client needs.
Carl Bloom Associates (CBA) predominantly works with non-profits, helping them increase andmembership and donor base and improve their bottom line. “We are a full service agency,” says Luke Vander Linden, vice president of integrated marketing services. “We approach each project as a partnership since no one knows an organization as well as its members.” CBA sets up donor membership programs as well as print, media and/or Internet programs to help generate leads, grow membership, and increase exposure. Clients have included the National Association of Railroad Passengers, the North Shore Animal League, AARP, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Hospital for Special Surgery, Nestle, Aetna, and more than a dozen public radio and television stations.


McCarron Consulting Group
John R. McCarron Jr.
Tuckahoe; (914) 391-5000
Fees: Starting at $150 per hour
In 2008, John McCarron Jr. combined his legal and technical backgrounds to form the McCarron Consulting Group, which specializes in legal technology consulting. McCarron, who worked in the computer security field as well as a senior member of the technology team at Cybersettle, also provides small systems integration and web and database development.
“I’m kind of a unique animal because I’m an attorney as well as a consultant, so I am comfortable dealing with lawyers and the rules they have to follow,” says McCarron, who handles all the technical needs for the Westchester County Bar Association.


Oram Security Consultants
Simon Oram
Bedford Hills; (914) 602-2443
Fees: Starting at $500 per project (for businesses)

Security is a major concern. Which is why Simon Oram launched Oram Security Consultants in 2007. “We do a security assessment for each business,” says Simon Oram. “We come in and give a full overhaul of a company’s security needs, including alarm systems, lighting, landscaping, TV systems, and anything else that they may require.” The company does not do any installations itself but employs sub-contractors to do the manual work. Amy Bien, president-elect of The Junior League of Stamford-Norwalk, Inc. is satisfied with the service. “Oram Security Consultants has provided our members with valuable information on a variety of topics relating to personal security. An abbreviated version of their ‘Refuse to be a Victim’ course was among the best-attended training sessions in my history as a JLSN member.”
Other clients include Bayer Pharmaceuticals and the Mount Kisco Library. 


Valhalla; (914) 495-9930
Fees: Range from $50-$70/hour for a paraprofessional to $175-$265/hour for a senior consultant
As one of the largest environmental consulting businesses in the world, with more than 4,800 consultants globally, Antea Group (formerly known as Delta Environmental Consulting, Inc.) has a hub right here in Valhalla. The company has provided environment, health, safety, and sustainability services in core areas since 1986. A recent project focused on working with an oil company to provide remediation services for a former industrial site on the Hudson River that has PCB contamination. In a nutshell, Antea Group helps companies seek out greener alternatives at all levels from the boardroom to the manufacturing plants. “It is important for businesses to move from being compliant to being pro-active,” says Communications Coordinator Pam Mueller. “If we can build environmental practices into the infrastructure, we’ll all be ahead of the game.”


Nancy A. Shenker
Yonkers; (914) 969-2900
Fees: Free first meeting; $300/hour consulting; projects $2,000 and up
Nancy A. Shenker, who worked in marketing for Citibank and MasterCard, has a staff of two to help serve as a marketing department for small businesses and strapped large companies. “I’m very hands on,“ Shenker says. “From working on a marketing plan to selling pickles in Fairway, I get involved to make sure clients are making money from my marketing services. I send every client a status report at the end of each week,” She has consulted more than 100 clients. “Nancy and her team don’t just wave their hands around and spew out ideas. They roll up their sleeves and get stuff done. No smoke and mirrors,” says Gordon A. Josey, owner/director of FashionCampNYC. Other clients include New York Deli Pickle, Geoscape Solar, Destination Science, Gentle Giant Moving Company, and Bertram Educational Consultants.
Shenker recently launched and has published a series of business comic books entitled “Bad Girl Good Business.“


Point & Click Inc.
Pat Chiappetta
Purchase; (914) 697-5020
Fees: N/A
Point & Click provides training in all things techie. “We assess the needs of the company and offer classes or individual training at our own location or at the client’s site,” says Vice President Pat Chiappetta, a co-owner.
IT skills development, office applications, LEED certification, e-learning services, and project management boot-camp are among the services offered by Point & Click to keep companies in step with the ever-changing technical climate. “A lot of people try to train themselves, but often they are not using the technology correctly,” says Chiapetta. “As a result, wrong answers perpetuate wrong answers.”
Point & Click has served MasterCard, Avon Products, and Kraft Foods, among other companies.

Nutrition & Food

Westchester Nutrition Consultants
Elizabeth DeRobertis, MS, RD, CDN, CDE
Scarsdale; (914) 462-3833
Fees: Corporate program development and implementation start at $500
Formed a year ago by Elizabeth DeRobertis, head dietitian for the Scarsdale Medical Group, its five dieticians work with companies on developing cafeteria menus and offer healthy cooking demos, fitness programs, and more. The company also can set up a “biggest loser” weight loss challenge—which may be a money saver, DeRobertis says. “Some health insurance providers reduce the cost of their coverage for companies that have wellness programs.” DeRobertis and her team also run corporate wellness programs and health fairs. Clients include Bayer HealthCare, MasterCard, ShopRite, MBIA, and Blythedale Children’s Hospital.

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