Butcher Pat LaFrieda’s Proprietary Beef Blend: A Shake Shack Staple

The legendary meat monger may have birthed the best hamburger around, but after one trip to Crisfield’s, you’ll be building your own mouthwatering patties too.

Here’s a name you’ll hear a lot in burger-talk: Pat LaFrieda. He’s the celebrity butcher who became forever linked to Danny Meyer’s iconic Shake Shack when he developed the stand’s proprietary beef blend. Of course, Shake Shack, for burger historians, is the Manhattan burger stand that took inspiration from Midwestern dairy bars like Dairy Queen. Meyer, who also owns Union Square Cafe (as well as a slew of other equally famous landmarks), is a St. Louis native who combined modern aesthetics, excellent ingredients, and Americana to inspire a thousand knock-off burger stands. So—do you want to be your own burgermeister, and maybe take on LaFrieda’s fabled ShackBurger? Go to Crisfield’s Meat Market in Rye to design your own proprietary burger blend—or pick up Crisfield’s “Super Blend,” ground from rib-eye, skirt, New York strip, filet, and brisket steaks.
61 Purchase St, Rye (914) 967-0152; crisfields.com