Burn After Reading

“Self-destructing” email protects your corporate secrets.

The iconic scenes of self-destructing messages in Mission: Impossible may seem like a Hollywood gimmick, but, thanks to some clever software engineering, self-destructing emails are now available at your fingertips. “Vanishing” email technology has been perfected by Vaporstream, a Chicago-based software company founded in 2006. Its proprietary non-documentable messaging software allows users to send typed messages that “vaporize” after they’re read (i.e., all copies and traces of the message are instantaneously deleted from the sending, receiving, and intermediary servers). Utilizing 256-bit encryption technology, Vaporstream emails cannot be CCed, forwarded, saved, or printed. Vaporstream costs $7.50 per month, per user, with volume discounts available. A free 60-day trial is available through its website, vaporstream.com.