Brisket, Chuck and Shoulder Clod Comprise Juniper’s Burger

Juniper’s Chef Alex Sze uses the flavorful Pat LaFrieda’s brisket mix—which is actually whole briskets, plus chuck, and the delightfully named “shoulder clod of American Black Angus beef.” Juniper’s super-beefy-tasting burgers are perfectly cooked under gooey, ever-so-funky Gruyère cheese. Then, they’re rested on a soft, insubstantial roll that has the decency to let the other ingredients shine. In lieu of ketchup, Juniper’s burger comes topped with roasted tomato, some griddled onions, and buttery Bibb lettuce. For sharpness, look for mayonnaise’s cousin, Juniper’s house-made aïoli, into which sharp whole-grain mustard has been folded.
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