Brandywine Valley Home and Garden Tours: Hagley

The land that hosts the first du Pont powder mill is also home to the family’s first mansion, Eleutherian Mills.

The river runs fast along this section of the Brandywine, and, from 1802 until 1921, the first du Pont powder mill was the country’s largest producer of gunpowder. This “industrial plantation” offers a glimpse of life during those years for those on both sides of the economic ladder: the mill workers and the du Ponts. First stop is the museum, where you get a quick overview of the company, industry along the Brandywine, and the complicated family tree of players (trust us, this will come in handy as you continue your visit from estate to estate). Then hop on the trolley and explore the 1800s, from the machine shops to the barns filled with antique vehicles (even a Conestoga wagon) to the first du Pont family manse, Eleutherian Mills, a charming Georgian-style home perched high on the banks of the Brandywine. More info: visit

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