Bistro Rollin’s Bratoni Cocktail is a Modern Twist on the Classic Negroni

Fresh citrus zest provides the zing, while aperol, boutique vermouth and Dorothy Parker American gin are as smooth as ever.

The Bratoni Cocktail
Bistro Rollin
(one serving)
â–   1½ oz Dorothy Parker American Gin
â–   1 oz Aperol
â–   1 oz Carpano Antica Formula vermouth
â–   Fresh lemon zest and a twist for garnish
Place all ingredients in a cold mixing glass and stir until well chilled. Ideally, you should strain it straight up into a chilled Martini glass or a chilled Champagne coupe. Garnish.
“This is a contemporary riff on the classic Negroni,” says Paul Bratone, co-owner, general manager, and mixologist. “When mixed, the Bratoni renders an aromatic roundness that is offset beautifully by the addition of fresh citrus zest.”
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