Big Menu, Big Flavor and Curbside Service at Yellow Jug Burger Co.

This independently owned storefront also specializes in other indulgences, like hot dogs, chicken fingers, grilled cheese and other childhood favorites.

Yellow Jug Burger Co.
Like Pow! Burger, Montrose’s Yellow Jug is an independently owned, Westchester County restaurant. Maybe one day it’ll colonize the world à la McDonald’s, but, for right now, it’s strictly a one-off, local burger stand. Look for a long menu that offers deliciously sloppy, foil-wrapped burgers, plus pulled pork, hot dogs, chicken fingers, and grilled cheese. Yellow Jug may not offer car hops or a drive-in, but the counter person will run your order out to the car.
2081 Albany Post Rd, Montrose (914) 930-8888;