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Best Toy Store (North)


Try & Buy Toy Stores

45 Washington Ave, Pleasantville

(914) 769-2997; www.tryandbuytoys.com

Try & Buy is a toy wonderland. This ostensibly smallish store is packed to the rafters with toys, games, dolls, puppets, crafts, science kits, instruments, costumes and accessories for dress-up and pretend play, and more from 60+ brands (including Playmobil, Scholastic, Melissa & Doug, and others) for children of all ages. There are lots of toys and games here with an educational bent, and many that are simply fun. The friendly staff is passionate and knowledgeable, so you’ll never get a blank stare when you ask a question. Bottom line: If you can’t find it here, it doesn’t exist. Boom! 


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