Best of Westchester (Editor’s Picks Part 2)



A cut and blow-dry for your pet, an expert repair for your rug, and a tech geek for your spyware-choked computer. The best services available to keep everything in your life humming along.


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Computer Consultant

Aaron Woodin/PC Ventures

White Plains

(914) 715-5568

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Q: You’re two keystrokes away from finishing the overdue quarterly report that your boss has been hounding you for and—oh no!—your computer screen goes blank. What should you do?

a) Up your life insurance coverage immediately;

b) Tell your boss that quarterly reports are passé—it’s annual reports that matter;

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c) Call Aaron Woodin at PC Ventures.

If you chose C, congratulations—you’re probably still employed! No, he’s not a magician, but if you’ve got a computer problem, chances are, Woodin can fix it. He can fix “insidious threats” like spyware infestations which, he says, “take real skill and craft,” and keep “middle-aged systems,” which might otherwise be rendered obsolete, “up and running.” Woodin also offers private consulting and customizes—truly customizes—computer systems to the needs, wants, and lifestyles of their owners. He’s on-call seven days a week and can work as early as 6 am. “After 11:30 pm, though, I’m usually pretty fatigued,” he says. So have a heart—and try to call him within the confines of his 17-hour day.



Delivery Shipping Service

SBS Shipping and Business Solutions

Briarcliff Manor

(914) 923-8115

Whether you’re shipping a $25 birthday present, a valuable work of art, or a one-of-a-kind antique, SBS can do it for you—and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your package will arrive safely and on time. “We ship anything that can be shipped and send it anywhere it can go,” says Frank Maselli, owner of the eight-year-old shop, located next door to Flames Steakhouse in Briarcliff. “We specialize in shipping art and antiques and are well known for our meticulous packing.” Maselli says that nothing is “too big, too small, or too valuable” to be shipped by his shop—something shipping franchises and even some major carriers can’t claim, due to insurance limits, company policies, and other hindrances. In addition, Maselli says, “I don’t have the restraints of a franchise that has to answer to ‘corporate.’ If I have to match or beat a price, I can do it.” Maselli has shipped cars, motorcycles, furniture, and more. SBS also has a full-service copy center and offers printing, graphic design, picture framing, and even eBay auction services.




Storefront Dog Groomer

Shampooch Dog Salon


(914) 698-2468

It’s been three months since your pooch’s last bath and he’s starting to take on the increasingly pungent odor of Cheese Doodles. What to do? Take him to Shampooch. This whimsically named Mamaroneck mainstay will have the most malodorous mutt spiffed up and smellin’ sweet in no time. Have a fussier furry one in need of more than just a scrub-down? Shampooch offers not only the basics (baths, blow-drys, ear cleanings, etc.), but mani/pedi combos, complete with nail-filing, clipping, and, if you’d like, nail painting with OPI Pawlish (we swear); high-end spa treatments that rival the offerings of their human counterparts at spas (blueberry facials, Dead Sea mineral mud scrubs to treat dry skin, moisturizing Luminosity Treatments to give your dog’s coat a little “bling” as owner Diane Calleia put it); a one-hour Splash-n-Dash grooming, available by special appointment; and even a doggie limo service (“Well, it’s actually a funky green Honda Element done up in dogs,” says Calleia), so your dog can be picked up and dropped off in style.


Antique Restorers

Curry & Hovis

Pound Ridge

(914) 764-1138

From veneers to dinning room tables, to breakfronts, to sideboards, this Pound Ridge furniture body shop can restore just about anything. It uses traditional techniques (Horse hide and rabbit skin glue anyone?) to make sure the restoration looks just right. And for those of you who’ve cracked that George II console table that is simply irreplaceable, fear not, Curry and Hovis’s website declares that “out of the ordinary jobs are welcome and we find them very interesting.” 



Closet Organizer

I Need My Space, Inc.


(914) 833-2626

Practicing attorney Debbie
Harwin and her small team of associates have been de-cluttering Westchester homes—and minds—for 11 years. “We don’t just organize closets or spaces,” says Harwin. “We try to free our clients of all the excess in their lives that just weighs them down.”  Sound good to you? It certainly does to us—and to her many repeat clients who consider her services, Harwin tells us, “life-altering.” A member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization, Harwin knows a mess when she sees one and, more important, she knows how to turn chaos and clutter into calm and clear. Whether you’ve got an overrun closet in need of a makeover, photos that need to be organized, or an entire house that needs a major overhaul, Harwin can help with her “interactive, hands-on” service that isn’t only about organization but aesthetics too.



Place to Get Your Benz Serviced

Mercedes Benz of White Plains

White Plains

(914) 949-4001

Other folks drive cars, but you drive a Benz, and when you own the crème de la crème of cars, you want—dare we say expect?—crème de la crème service. Though Mercedez Benz of White Plains caters to Benz owners who expect the best all the time, it  still manages to exceed their expectations with
ultra-friendly—and efficient (not saccharine fake)—customer service, a team of talented and experienced service technicians, and a full menu of services from the basics (brake-pad inspection and replacement) to intermittent inspections to the truly customized. Whatever ails your car—we mean, your baby—this White Plains Benz “spa” can make better—painlessly.



Rug Restorers

The Golden Horn Oriental Rugs


(914) 670-6666


When you need your antique rug brought back to its original luster, visit the same group of rug restorers relied on by Christie’s auction house. The world-famous auctioneers trust the Golden Horn in Mamaroneck to work on rugs, some of which are valued at up to $250,000. Fear not, they’re also glad to restore regular woolery and anything handmade, even if its cost doesn’t have six figures. And, if the price to restore the rug is greater than the value, they’ll even send your rug to Istanbul where labor costs are cheaper.


Mobile Dog Groomer

Bark Bathe & Beyond


(914) 450-6573

Ever notice how some dogs get passive-aggressive when they know they’re going to the groomer? We don’t know how they know—they just do. And there aren’t too many things less fun than lugging a stubborn pooch (don’t you just love how they plop themselves down spitefully and refuse to budge, even when bribed with turkey jerky?) into a car. We have a solution: If you can’t bring your dog to the groomer, bring the groomer to your dog. Though certified groomer Richard Caporizzo charges about 25 to 30 percent more than some storefront groomers, as his many repeat clients (300 to 400) will tell you, it’s well worth the cost. Call five to 10 days in advance, and Caporizzo will be at your door with his fully-equipped (electric grooming table, Super Sudzer bath system, all-natural shampoos), self-contained mobile salon: your snuggle buddy will receive one-on-one care (no other dogs or humans to make her anxious) and, in an hour or so, will emerge clean as a newborn pup.



Health & Beauty


A cutting-edge cut, a stress-busting massage, a sensational spa; our finds for easing your psyche and enhancing your looks.



Skin Care Center

SkinCentre Advanced Medical Aesthetics


(914) 949-6200


This physician-run center  does everything from facials to facelifts. It has the latest equipment to zap away unwanted hair, age spots, and spider veins, tighten necklines and tummies and fill in furrows. When it’s time to turn back the clock, turn to SkinCentre.


So what makes SkinCentre different from all the other skin care centers out there? Let’s face it: when you are having lasers and the like pointed at your face and sensitive body parts, you want to know there’s always a doctor in the house before, during, and after the procedure. And the center’s director Dr. Joseph Sozio, a cosmetic and laser surgeon, and his staff of physicians are physically there—not just on call—to ensure optimum results.




Park Avenue Medical Spa


(914) 730-3333

When many former “Best of Westchester” winners “Best Facial,” “Best Massage Therapist”—turned up at the then newly opened Park Avenue Medical Spa (the year was 2004), we had a hunch this spa was something special. We were right. Since then, the spa keeps landing on our list, best facial one year, most unique treatment the next. And, this year, best overall spa. These folks know how to pamper. Plus, they have the medical chops when a little more, ahem, tweaking is needed. Just lie back, and say “aah.”



Head to Toe Indulgence

The Spa at AER Yoga and Living

Cross River

(914) 763-6320

Prepare to sigh. It starts the moment you soak your tired Jimmy Choo–abused feet in Aer Spa’s beautiful celadon sinks. It continues as you are treated to a wonderful head-to-toe massage in a clever little beach-hut room that can accommodate you and your significant other. First, Christine Brooking massages oil into your scalp (divine!) then moves on to your neck (“yes!”), shoulders (“ooh”), arms (“oh my”), and hands. Feet are smoothed and softened with a sage and rosemary scrub followed by a foot rub. Need even more bliss? Book a session of classic reflexology with Eva Malik.



Reborn Salon

Richard Scott Salon and Day Spa

Mount Kisco

(914) 242-1700

They say you can’t keep a good man down. We say, you can’t keep a good salon closed. Richard Scott Salon and Day Spa was destroyed by a fire late one frigid night this past January. But the community couldn’t stand for that; offers of help came almost immediately. “When I got home from meeting with the insurance adjusters,” says Richard Mason, a co-owner, “there was a message on my voice mail from Christina Nappi [the owner of Zazo Salon], offering not only her condol-ences but her space for my staff to work. It was like a message from an angel.” There were more angels in the wings. The Saw Mill Club, Adam and Eve, and Kids Style all offered space in Mount Kisco for Richard Scott employees to work. “Within forty-eight hours, I had all of my employees placed,” Mason says. Though we never thought it possible, we love the newly reopened salon even more than the original.




Demirjian Salon

White Plains

(914) 686-0204

To Vasken Demirjian, what you’ve got growing on your head is not simply hair, for goodness sake; it’s a living, organic canvas, one that with an array of brushes, a bit of foil, and a dollop of cream he can turn into a gorgeous work of beautifully colored art. Talk to Demirjian about hair color and you’ll soon be talking as if every strand of your hair should be displayed on the walls of the Neuberger. To Demirjian, hair color is an intellectual and artistic pursuit. “I’m extremely passionate about my work—and want to elevate the standards.” Oh yes, don’t ever ask him to do “ash” blonde; this Monet of hair deems the shade ghastly.


Best Manicure

Shine Salon & Spa


(914) 762-6675

Sometimes it may feel like trying to get a reservation at restaurant Per Se. The demand for a manicure at this tin-ceiling, brick-walled salon is so great that those in the know know it’s best to have a standing weekly reservation. There’s good reason for the demand: Lorraine Frustace and her talented staff love what they do (and each other—there are kisses all around every morning and every evening). With their talent and knowledge applied to your nails, watch ‘em turn from brittle, short, and dull to strong, long, and healthy.



New Hair Salon

Salon Topaz

Dobbs Ferry

(914) 231-6212

At the risk of sounding immodest: boy, can we spot stars in the making. Back in 2004, we predicted that then rookie Lisa DeMaria would become a hair star. To be sure, her credentials impressed: she was personally trained by big shot Frédéric Fekkai and studied at big shot Bumble & bumble hair salon in Manhattan and Vidal Sassoon salon in London. But what had us gaga were her cuts. After DeMaria gets done snipping, what’s left is hair with style, attitude, and personality—nothing bland, nothing ho-hum. We no longer have to predict. We know how good she is. Our haircuts let us know.



Best Massage

Tranquility Spa


(914) 713-0066

Let’s face it: massages feel good just about anywhere, any time. So what makes Tranquility Spa’s massages better than the next guy’s or gal’s? We love the feeling we get walking down into the spacious, calming waiting room…then the feeling we get when we indulge in a sauna before our treatment (No extra charge!—We love that too)…then slipping out of those plush robes and surrendering to the trained hands of our massage therapist. What will it be this time: Swedish, sports, shiatsu, reflexology, deep tissue, pregnancy, or stone? It doesn’t matter—they all feel wonderful. The only downside is what to do with the fright-wig hair après massage. But we’re so relaxed afterwards, we can cope.


Massage Therapist

Robyn Field


(914) 261-3363

Robyn Field has the face of an angel and her ministrations are most assuredly heaven-sent. She limits herself to three treatments a day—each about 60 to 90 minutes—so she can totally tune into you, releasing knots you never knew were there. Don’t be surprised if you feel like hugging her afterward. She’s licensed in Swedish and deep-tissue massage and is certified from Memorial Sloan-Kettering in massage for cancer patients. She also does pregnancy and medical massage. And the best part: she makes house calls.





We couldn’t choose just one: our four favorite facials


» Skin Care Treatment

Static Salon

White Plains

(914) 997-2600

Julie Pipolo works wonders with mature skin. After a pampering facial using the ultra-gentle, pure, and yummy-smelling Sircuit skincare line (used by Kate Hudson, Marcia Cross, Natalie Portman, and Paris Hilton), she gently dermaplanes the skin to reveal fresher, younger-looking skin. Bonus: the process also banishes peach fuzz (and no, it doesn’t grow back all stubbly). Her many repeat clients call Pipolo “the Fuzz Buster.”


» Temporary Facelift

Devra Bader Skin Care and Beauty Spa


(914) 725-1158

What do you do before you meet your ex’s new squeeze or attend your 20th high school reunion? Head over to Devra Bader’s for the Hydrolift Facial, a temporary non-surgical facelift. This luxurious treatment leaves skin so fully hydrated that all fine lines are plumped out and skin looks amazing—an instant, visible improvement that lasts about a week.


» Most Transcendental

Monteverde Spa

Cortlandt Manor

(914) 372-1212

Spa Director Robin Queen believes that skin treatments should not be simply cosmetic, but should actually help “renew from within.” So Monteverde’s Signature Renewal Facial combines traditional cleansing and hydrating with all-organic products, along with New Age treatments to cure whatever ails you. Have a wicked knot in your neck? They’ll do a little cranial sacral massage. Stressed out? Maybe a little Reiki energy work or guided imagery to balance your chakras. Just lay back and float away—it’s a total out-of-body experience!


» European

Eiluj a Beauty Lounge


(914) 232-2227

Simin Roofeh loves, loves, loves what she does, and we love her for it. Trained in Germany and formerly with a New York City dermatologist, Roofeh customizes each facial according to her customers’ needs. Eiluj owner Julie Cuomo interviewed dozens of aestheticians before striking gold with Roofeh. Her devoted clients call her facials “positively reviving,” plus she is skilled at the ancient art of threading, a less damaging method of hair removal. Added bonus: Eiluj is like a high-end candy store for women, filled with potions, lotions, and lots of beauty baubles.




Who says Westchester rolls up its sidewalks at dusk? We have hot spots with knock-your-socks-off views, places for late-night partying, chilling to classical tunes or N’Awlins blues, even bars to practice your pick-up lines. Let’s party!



Destination for Authentic Irish Bars

McLean Avenue


A little piece of the Emerald Isle runs for about a mile through
Yonkers. On McLean Avenue, from its intersection with the Bronx River Parkway west to it’s junction with the Major Deegan, Irish bars have taken over southern Westchester. Some of the best bets for a night out on McLean Avenue include J.P. Clarkes Saloon, where you will enjoy the complete authentic Irish-bar experience including Celtic food and Irish sports on the tube.  Indeed, this place is so nice, locals say you have to “fight” your way in (we wouldn’t recommend fighting anyone at an Irish bar though). If you’re looking for great Irish music, spend the evening at Danny Mac’s where songs from U2 or local Irish bands like Shilelagh Law infuse sound into the night. And if you just want to drink as much Guinness at as many different spots as possible, bar hop through Rory Dolan’s, Ned Devine’s, Fitzy’s, and, nearby on Katonah Avenue in the Bronx, The Rambling House.  All are authentically awesome.



Outdoor Bar (North County)


North Salem

(914) 669-5450

Relax amid romantic gardens and the lush countryside while sipping a tangerine martini and watching the sunset over the rolling green hills of North Salem at Vox this summer. Yes, it sounds like the start of a television commercial, but it’s true. With 50 outdoor seats, and a bar that holds eight, there’s reason to be excited about your next venture to the northern tip of the county. The French eatery’s outdoor bar is both serene and full of enticing libations and gastronomical delights. Ask for a mint Mojito made with fresh mint from the garden, or for a “bateau,”­­—a boat filled with seafood and shaved ice, cleverly designed so that melted water drips to th

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