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Best Advice Ever


“Practice ‘organized Correspondence,’ which is anticipating the stakeholders’ needs and initiating an organized follow-through with correspondence—written, oral, face-to-face. Building organizations that execute well requires leadership, oversight, and encouragement. Just short of mental toughness, organized correspondence is second on the priority list of successful executives.”
Carla Chase, President and CEO
Chase Media Group, Yorktown



“Be honest and return your calls within twenty-four hours, if possible.”
Michael L. Frank, President & Actuary
Aquarius Capital, Port Chester





“Before I opened my business, I had a boss who treated her employees as team members and partners, rather than just employees. We all respected her, because we felt her respect for us. We all were loyal to her, because we felt her loyalty to us. From her, I learned to surround myself with employees and partners that I respect and trust.”
Cindy Penchina, Executive Director
Hudson Fusion, LLC, Ossining




“The best advice I ever got was something I learned more than twenty years ago. At business meetings, ideas are floated around, a consensus is reached, and most of the people get ready to leave. At that point, I say, ‘Okay, so who is doing what by when?’ This simple technique assigns specific tasks to specific people and makes them accountable. At the next meeting you attend, sit back and watch as the meeting ends how, generally, no one is accountable to do anything.”
David I. Gensler, President
Madison Pension Services, Inc, Purchase


 “Arthur Rubinfeld, president of global development for Starbucks, liked to use the expression ‘Go Long’ in relation to real estate expansion and development for retailers—that is, to push hard and quickly when entering a new market. His ‘rapid-growth’ game plan involved striking fast to take the best retail real estate. I have followed his advice as a philosophy in helping to acquire more than two-hundred Starbucks sites, and I have used it with other retailers that I represent.”
David Firestein, President
Northwest Atlantic, White Plains

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