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Beach Reading


Local authors serve up sexy vamps and witches, sociopaths, and a small-town murder.


Bloodspell, the debut novel by Larchmont resident Amalie Howard, conjures up elements of teenage angst: forbidden love, loss, and, of course, supernatural powers, in this fast-paced tale of a young witch coming into her powers.

Eyes Wide Open is chilling without the benefit of the paranormal in bestselling author Andrew Gross’s latest thriller, inspired both by a family tragedy and a chance teenage encounter with Charles Manson. Take the theme of sins of the father being borne by the son, factor in an über-evil cult leader from the sixties, and an unhealthy dose of mental illness, and you’ve got a terrifying descent into madness and obsession. The ending still haunts me.
Former Rye resident Amanda Eyre Ward bases her literary whodunit Close Your Eyes (out in August) on a 1989 murder in Larchmont that has stayed with her ever since. “I wanted to understand what happened to make a boy who was one of us into a murderer, but also to create a world where this wrong was righted, and a broken town was sewn back together again.”


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