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Creamy, smooth, delish. Chocolate is just about everyone’s most craved treat. But are some chocolate bars better than others? We asked La Panetière’s (530 Milton Rd, Rye 914-967-8140) pastry chef, Lisa Rudner-Suckle, who formerly worked at Danielle’s Chocolatier in Mount Kisco, to test-taste 10 milk chocolate bars and judge their quality. The following are her findings:

Luxe Milk

($2.29, 3 oz)
“Very nice flavor. Perfectly creamy. I want to eat the whole thing.”
($3.99, 3.5 oz)
“Yum! It’s not too sweet and has a nicely balanced texture.”
Green & Black’s Organic Milk Chocolate ($3.79, 3.5 oz)
“Creamy, milky, and softly textured. I could tell when I picked it up it was good quality.”
Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate (.49, 1.55 oz)
“Nice consistency and aroma.
Good flavor.”
Chocolations Solid Milk Chocolate ($2.50, 2 oz,)
“Not overpoweringly sweet or too rich. Mild flavor. Has a crispness to it.”
Perugina Milk Chocolate ($3.19, 3.5 oz)
“Nice texture. Not too sugary.”
Classic Milk

($2.79, 4.4 oz)
“Smooth texture and creamy, but leaves an overwhelming aftertaste.”
Whole Foods 365 Organic Swiss Milk Chocolate ($2.49, 3 oz)
“A little chewy. Not smooth. Tastes a bit fake.”
Cadbury Dairy Milk
($1.99, 3.5 oz)
“Dry and too sugary.”
Hershey’s ($1.99, 4.4 oz)
“High sugar content and artificial-tasting. The various flavor components break off individually instead of meshing.”


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