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Author Q&A: Larchmont’s YA Author Amalie Howard


Amalie Howard Larchmont
Author of Waterfell out November 2013

Why did you gravitate to this genre? I love the intensity of teenage life—the discovery, the defiance, the self-confidence, the flaws of youth, the vibrancy of it, the all-or-nothing mentality—it makes the stakes so much higher and the scenarios far more compelling. 

How do you feel about vampires? Vampires are hot, brooding, sexy, powerful, mysterious, immortal—what’s not to love? I should probably clarify that I lean toward the Louis (from Interview with the Vampire) and Lestat (from Queen of the Damned) version of vampires. Oh, and Damon Salvatore.

Does Westchester ever make its way into any of your works? Of course! People always say that you should write what you know because it makes your writing more authentic. In my book Alpha Goddess [out with Sky Pony Press in 2014], I base my fictional town on a typical Westchester town. In fact, the lake that I write about in the novel where the final showdown takes place is actually part of the Kensico Reservoir.

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