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Q: Should I buy a Toyota now?


A: Jonathan Linkov, managing editor, autos, at Yonkers-based Consumer Reports, reports that the magazine has suspended its recommendations for nine Toyota vehicles: the Avalon, the Matrix, the Tundra, the Sequoia, certain versions of the Camry (ones built in the United States, and not the hybrid), the Corolla, the Highlander, the Rav4, and the Lexus HS hybrid. But it still recommends the Highlander and Camry hybrids, and the Prius. Yet he says: “Consumer Reports still believes that the cars are reliable, well built, and safe overall. If someone still has their heart set on buying one of these Toyotas, our advice is it’s a good time to buy them because you’ll probably get better prices, better customer service.” Consumer Reports has set up a special page on its website dedicated exclusively to the Toyota recall issues.

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