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Q: When buying a pair of new tires for your car, should you put them in the front of the car?

A: “Put them in the rear,” says Edgar Perez, manager of Mavis Discount Tire in Elmsford. “It’s best to get four new tires at one time, but if you are going to get just two, always put them in the rear”—even if your car is front-wheel drive. “You get better stability when you have better traction in the rear. It keeps the car from over-steering; when the rear tires are more worn than the front ones, the car will be more prone to fishtail, especially on wet surfaces. That’s what can cause the car to do a three-sixty.” It’s Mavis’s policy to install a pair of new tires in the rear, unless the customer specifically directs otherwise. But Perez isn’t merely spouting company policy—he speaks from personal experience. “I was getting off the highway when it was wet, and my car started swerving back and forth. I learned the hard way!”

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