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Artist Christopher Marley’s Beetle-Inspired Coleoptera Mosaics Series


Look closer—yup, those brilliant designs are actual beetles, not facsimiles. Shown is Pulchra Prism from Salem, Oregon-based artist Christopher Marley’s Coleoptera Mosaics series of striking, natural-assemblage Pheromone artworks. As a kid, Marley suffered from entomophobia, or fear of bugs. But working as a fashion model in a variety of exotic locales exposed him to so many creepy and crawly creatures that he developed an appreciation for their brilliant colors and fascinating variations in appearance. Today, he works with collectors in Peru, Bornea, Indonesia, Malayasia, and Japan to obtain beetles, butterflies, deep-sea organisms, and such other natural artifacts as crystals, fossils, and rough gemstones to use as design elements in his work. And not to worry: all previously pesky pests are hermetically sealed within museum-quality framing, so they will not disintegrate or become infested for as long as you own them. Available through Interieurs in Manhattan for $1,150 (20 x 24 inches). For more info: pheromonegallery.com. To purchase: interieurs.com.


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