Are Fat People Lazy?

The primary reason for obesity is…

Cultural changes in our society (38.8%)
Lack of willpower (24.5%)
Genetics (12.2%)
Laziness (10%)
Junk food (8.3%)
Poverty (6.2%)

Do you think you’re overweight?
Yes (51%)
No (49%)

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How many diets have you been on?
Fewer than five (42.9%)
More than five (22.5%)
None (20.4%)
Lost count (14.2%)

What percent of your friends are overweight?
10-25 percent (36.8%)
Less than 10 percent (34.7%)
25-50 percent (20.5%)
More than 50 percent (8.0%)

Should obesity be treated like smoking, as a health hazard, with people having to pay taxes on sodas and junk food to offset the medical costs associated with obesity?
Yes (69.4%)
No (30.6%)

Should junk food, soda machines, etc., be outlawed in schools?
Yes (73.5%)
No (26.5%)

What’s your favorite junk food chain?
Dunkin’ Donuts (18.4%)
McDonalds (16.3%)
Burger King (12.2%)
Taco Bell (12.2%)
KFC (6.1%)
Wendy’s (6.1%)
I don’t eat junk food (8.3%)

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Should obese people pay for two seats on planes?
Yes (69.4%)
No (30.6%)

Should airlines build bigger seats for the public?
No (61.2%)
Yes (38.8%)

Has calorie information on restaurant menus changed the way you eat when you eat out?
Yes (42.9%)
No (38.8%)
Never look at that stuff (18.3%)

How often do you exercise?
About three times a week (49%)
Every day (26.5%)
Never (24.5%)