Architectural Minerals & Stone’s Jewelry for the Home

The Irvington décor purveyor’s aragonite pipes.

Think of them as fine jewelry—à la Van Cleef &
Arpels, rather than, say, Zales—for the home. In a gallery-like showroom on the Hudson that displays cool rocks—exquisite gems and minerals simply mounted as natural sculptures—these aragonite pipes are the coolest and most coveted, says Architectural Minerals and Stone founder Mark Shedrofsky. As Shedrofsky explains it, these gorgeous objets d’art, a cross-section of agate that developed naturally within a steel pipe in the Czech Republic, were a very happy accident, and testament to the creative skills of Mother Nature. Apparently, a Swiss steel pipe that brought water from a hot spring to a spa there became clogged, restricting water flow. When the inside of the pipe was examined, it was discovered that it had become clogged with sediment that had become aragonite, a type of onyx. That beautiful aragonite was cut in concentric circles and transformed into stunning natural decorative pieces. Not only do ancient cultures value rings in their spiritual lives, Shedrofsky notes, aragonite is believed to promote peace and well-being. Each featuring one polished face and mounted on a custom-made steel stand, the large pipe is $950, the medium is $750, and the small is $125. Offered at Architectural Minerals & Stone in Irvington: (914) 479-0049;