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PRIME CUTS Top-of-the-line meat for your top-of-the line grill

Three meat shops choose their favorite cuts for BBQing


(914) 967-0152

Prime Aged Bone-in Prime Rib Steak, aka Cowboy Steak ($30/lb) “It’s a rib steak, not a ribeye,” says owner John Johnston. “We age it ourselves for sixty days, so it has a very robust, beefy flavor. It comes from the section between the shoulder and the loin, so, since it’s rib meat, it has the very best taste and is incredibly tender. As great as this cut is as roast beef, it can be an even better steak grilled in the summer. It’s wonderful.”
Prime Bone-in Sirloin Steak    ($15/lb) “This is a very large, family-size steak,” Johnston says. “You’re getting the boneless section of the sirloin—which most people see in the supermarkets—and the filet mignon. Because it’s so big, it’s not a restaurant or club steak. It’s great for entertaining at home, because it’s an impressive-looking cut that can feed four to eight people, instead of having to buy eight separate steaks. And, because it’s aged, it’s still a very tender piece of meat, even though it’s much leaner.”

Tarry Market

Port Chester
(914) 253-5680

Prime Porterhouse ($26.95/lb; $29.95/lb dry-aged) “Our porterhouse gives you the best of both worlds: the tenderness of the filet and the taste of the shell steak,” declares Executive Chef Christopher Giuliano. “And it’s cooked on the bone; it’s amazing stuff. Our dry-aged version is aged for twenty-eight to thirty-five days, and, as it dries, the enzymes inside break down the meat, making it very tender, and richer and deeper in flavor—a luscious piece of meat.” 
Prime Bone-in Ribeye ($25.95/lb; $29.95 dry-aged) “This is for people who want prime rib and want to be able to grill it. This ribeye is in between a filet mignon and a strip in tenderness. It has a wonderful flavor that adapts incredibly well to any kind of rub, marinade, or smoke from wood chips. Its marbled fat content can absorb flavor.”

Table Local Market

Bedford Hills
(914) 241-0269

“We buy the whole animal, sourcing them ourselves directly from farmers upstate,” says owner Cynthia Brennan. “The animals are all grass-fed, no antibiotics, and, during the processing, our meat isn’t mixed with anyone else’s.”
Prime Bone-in Ribeye ($28/lb) “This is a nice, classic steak to grill—the best qualities of being grass-fed are in evidence here. The meat is leaner than meat from factory-fed animals; it has a richer flavor, and it’s healthier—our grass-fed ribeye is rich in omega-threes.”
Prime Flat-Iron, Flank, and Flap Steaks ($21/lb) “These three are superb for marinating, because they’re really thin, and really tender—and, best of all, they retain their juices in grilling.”

Big Green Egg—Large EGG
The EGG offers the best of both worlds—a charcoal grill that can sear steaks at 750°F and a smoker, thanks to its ability to also maintain temperatures as low as 200°F for that perfect beef brisket or rack of ribs. It can cook a 20-pound turkey, 12 burgers, or eight steaks. $999
Charles Department Store
Katonah (914) 232-5200
charlesdeptstore.com; biggreenegg.com
Viking 41” Ultra-Premium T-Series Grill with TruSear Infrared Burner
This grill features a TruSear infrared burner that reduces cooking time, sears meats, and minimizes cleanup. Also, flavor-generator plates collect drippings. The grill offers electronic ignition, removable smoker box, rotisserie burner, and burner drip guards. $6,768 ($4,829 for grill; $1,939 for cart)
Leibert’s Royal Green Appliance Center
White Plains (914) 949-5999
leiberts.com; vikingrange.com
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond 660 Gas Grill
The Echelon Diamond 660 won the Vesta Award for the best new gas grill on the market. It features three burners offering three-independent cooking zones, digital thermometer with independent sensors for each zone, an integrated smoker, halogen lights, a spring-assisted hood, and onboard rotisserie rod storage. $6,800 and up (depending on choice of burner)
Enjoy Your Home’s Fireplace-Patio Shoppe
Eastchester (914) 202-4233
enjoyyourhomeny.com; firemagicgasgrills.com
Weber Performer Charcoal Grill 
For those who want the taste that only charcoal can deliver but with the convenience of gas grilling, this unit combines a classic Weber charcoal kettle cooker with a propane ignition system. Just dump in your charcoal, press the button, and, in 10 minutes, you’re grilling. $329.99 (includes delivery, setup, and removal of old grill)
Irvington Hardware
Irvington (914) 591-7710
irvingtonhardware.com; weber.com
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