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A Survey of Westchester Residents’ Views on Weddings and Marriage


Have you ever been married?
Yes (76%)  No (24%)

If yes, how would you best describe your wedding?
Traditional    64%
Low-key    16%
The event of the decade    8%
Other    12%

What do you think is the biggest “worth it” splurge for a wedding?
Food    34%
Music    28%
Photographer    7%
Venue    6%
Other    25%

What do you think is the biggest waste of money spent on a wedding?
Flowers    50%
Dessert Hour/Venetian Hour    28%
Photographer    8%
Venue    6%
Dress    4%
Rehearsal Dinner    4%

How many times have you been a bridesmaid/groomsman?
Never    16%
Once    14%
2-3 times    40%
4-5 times    12%
More than I care to remember    18%

The thing I look forward to most when attending someone else’s wedding is:
Seeing friends and family    62%
The food    20%
The open bar    14%
Guessing how much they spent on the whole shindig    4%

Have you ever been to a wedding/reception where…
It was a gay wedding    6%
Someone re-married an ex    6%
A fistfight broke out    4%
Someone objected/stopped the service/didn’t “hold his or her peace”    4%
The bride/groom didn’t show up    2%
None of the above……..   78%

What is the most you’ve spent on a wedding gift?
Up to $100    6%
$101-$250    16%
$251-$500    34%
$501-$1,000    44%

Is marriage outdated?
Yes    8%
No    78%
Ask me when I reach my silver
wedding anniversary    14%


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