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A Survey of Westchester County Residents' Thoughts on Moms and Mother's Day


I have the best mom in the world:
True (69%)     False (31%)

The celebrity/famous mom I most admire is:  
Beyoncé     15%
Sarah Jessica Parker     14%
Sandra Bullock     12%
Angelina Jolie     10%
Other     49%

If I had to pick just one adjective to describe my mother, it would be:
Loving     15%
Understanding     12%
Nuts     12%
Other     61%

My mom’s most important role in our family is:
Cheerleader     19%
Peacemaker/keeper     19%
Disciplinarian     18%
Boss     14%
ATM     7%
Other    23%

We celebrate Mother’s Day by:
Buying Mom a nice gift     43%
Doing the cooking, cleaning, and chores     33%
Taking Mom out for brunch     17%
Giving Mom a break from all of us     7%

Once I became a mom myself, my biggest realization was:
I’m more like my mom than I ever realized     42%
If I’m not careful, my kids will write
a sequel to Mommie Dearest.    26%
My mom made it look easier than it was     16%
I’ll never get any more sleep until I’m dead.     16%



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