A New College Try

After Liora Yalof of South Salem experienced firsthand the labyrinthine circuit of logistics that accompanies the traditional model of touring colleges for her son, she and business partner Bonnie Klein of Waccabuc decided to modernize and simplify the process. The result is a brand-new app called Daytripper University, or DTU.

The app is a spinoff of the duo’s original online creation, Daytripper365, a website that develops selective 24-hour itineraries for a range of global destinations.

Casting aside academically inclined statistics, like national rankings, average test scores, and matriculation rates, DTU instead focuses on aspects of the college-shopping experience not handled by tour guides. By listing recommendations for places to stay, eat, or grab a local caffeine boost, Klein and Yalof seek to “help families maximize and get the most out of their visits,” based on a one-day itinerary.

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DTU plans to add 100 more colleges and universities to its roster by the end of next year.