A List Retail Chains Exclusive to Westchester County, NY, and New York City, NY

Most retail chains—like the ever-present Gap, Victoria’s Secret, and Barnes & Noble—can be found just about anywhere. But there are a few retail chains that clearly drew a line in the sand and planted a flag on one side of the City/Westchester divide. Take a look at which brands you can find where.

Only in New York

Barneys  (Not counting Co-Op)
Century 21 • Laila Rowe
Topshop •  Uniqlo • Urban Outfitters
Zara • American Apparel
(Westchester does have one American Apparel store, but it pales in comparison to New York’s 20 locations.)

Only in Westchester

Brighton Collectibles • Everything But Water • Hanna Andersson • Harmon
Neiman Marcus • Nordstrom (Not counting Nordstrom Rack) • Walmart