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A Comparison of the Daily Commutes of Residents of Westchester County, NY, versus Residents of New York City, NY


They call it a rat race, but getting there is often very, very slow. Just look at 287 in the morning.

On average, a New York City resident’s commute is 43 minutes, according to Bestplaces.net. A Westchester resident’s? A mere 36 minutes. Think of all the things you could do with those seven extra minutes!

Then again, though Westchester commutes may be shorter, they also may be somewhat harder, considering we’re the ones behind the wheel. According to the most recent Westchester County Databook, only 20 percent of us take public transportation, compared with 52 percent of New York City residents. They may have longer rides on the train, but they get to finish reading Swamplandia while they go. We have to settle for the audio version.