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6 Fashionable Trends From the Minds Behind LOLA New York


Denise Elias (left) knew she had something special when the jewelry parties she threw in her home, featuring a specially curated selection of pieces, took off quickly. With her best friend, Dawn Pasacreta, at her side, the two opened a flagship store in White Plains in 2014. Just a stone’s throw away from the impersonal chain stores that inhabit White Plains, LOLA New York offers a personal, fun, and honest shopping experience. Dawn and Denise only stock what they love — not whatever the label-du-jour might be. Customer happiness is important to them, and they will dispense advice as needed. They like to make sure there’s something for everyone, stocking jewelry that runs from $12-$20, to more luxe bags that can go as high as $500. Running out to a party with nothing to wear? The shop will always have a great clutch, fantastic jewelry, and most certainly a cute top — just the kinds of things Denise and Dawn would wear themselves. 

LOLA New York, White Plains



Layer Up: “Love your layers! As the weather gets colder, don’t just stop at sweaters, coats, and scarves; think about your jewelry, too. Don’t be afraid to mix materials by pairing a choker with a chain necklace.” —Denise Elias and Dawn Pasacreta of LOLA New York, White Plains; www.lolany.com

Stick a Pin in It: Dust off your grandmother’s brooches and give them new life by wearing them in unique ways. Cluster a few on a jean jacket or wear one instead of a necklace at the top of your button-down shirt.


Ordinary Extraordinary: Why not add your own unique flair to even the most mundane items in your home? I store my keys, loose change, and unsightly coupons in vintage vessels. Instead of keeping my giant stack of coupons out, I store them in an old candy dish. Loose change looks beautiful in a depression glass salt cellar. A Champagne coaster from the Hotel Lord Byron was a special score and makes the perfect catch-all. I found my vintage items at Opportunity Shop in Chappaqua and ReStore in New Rochelle. 


Photos : Jeans by Popova Olga/fotolia; sweater by tarzhanova/fotolia; puffer courtesy of burberry


Wash new jeans twice before bringing them to the tailor. Jeans always shrink in length when washed, so you could save yourself the trip. 

Sick of your mohair sweater leaving a trail everywhere you go? Stick it in a plastic bag and freeze it for three hours. 

Throw a belt over your puffer. The look will become more chic and less Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.


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