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5 Reasons to Consider a Cat


1. They come litter-box-ready. The smallest kitten has an instinct to use the litter box. Their ancestors learned that burying their business hid the odor from predators. 

2. They love to play. Cats will leap in the air if you dangle a toy and swat a stuffed mouse between paws like an Olympic soccer player dribbling. Chasing a red laser beam excites them to no end.

3. They’re trainable. They can learn to come when called and to keep their claws off the furniture.

4. They’re low maintenance. Cats don’t have to be walked. They groom themselves—no need for “kitty-care” while you’re at work. 

5. They’re natural—and free—exterminators. Your kitty will happily catch basement mice, moths, and bugs in your house. Some restaurants keep housecats for this very purpose.


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