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$40 for 2 Private Music Lessons from Chris Mongiello and The Rock Academy


Today’s deal of the day will get you on your way to singing like Christina Aguilera, playing the guitar like Slash, rocking on the drums like Lars Ulrich, or writing songs like Lennon & McCartney. Get 2 private music lessons from the convenience of your own home with Chris Mongiello and The Rock Academy for just $40!  This amazing deal is for both kids and adults of any age. New Clients only.

Chris Mongiello and The Rock Academy imparts a personal touch and caters to each student’s unique learning needs.  They are currently accepting students in guitar, vocals, bass, drums, keyboards, songwriting & music production.  Since 1993 the private teaching style of The Rock Academy has given several hundred students an education in something that they want to learn: Music.*  And, with the proven teaching method of The Rock Academy, their students learn easier & quicker! 

Chris Mongiello and The Rock Academy understand the benefits of music. The Rock Academy’s music lessons go far beyond learning a few notes or strumming a few strings. Their teachings have enhanced the lives of students by giving them a new language to use; a universal language that crosses cultures, borders, finances, societies and all lines that divide. It is no secret that music unlocks doors that lead to endless opportunities during the developmental stages of childhood.  A less studied fact is the outlet music provides as an adult. 

Chris Mongiello is not only a well versed guitarist but a vocalist, songwriter, & producer; holding a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance.  During the years he has defined himself and his life as a performer, collaborator, a student and above all, a teacher.

*references upon request

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